Product Manager Jobs in Sri Lanka

Product Manager Jobs in Sri Lanka

Are you looking for product manager jobs in the territory of Srilanka then you are been here in the right place of the job notice portal. There are lots of jobs in the Sri Lanka , the product manager jobs in very top level jobs and the salary payment is also high in this post in the comparison of other. So, If you have the following qualification and experience you can apply for it. For more details :

Product Manager Jobs in Sri Lanka

Job Opportunity: Product Manager – Data Insight

Location: HO/ Corporate Building – 4th Floor
Closing Date: 05/31/2021

Description :

  • Selecting viable use case in a production environment with collaboration from IT/Business teams and deploying such use cases
  • Design & develop data workflows in multiple platforms, carryout testing & QA which enables use cases
  • Define & setup performance tracking metrics
  • Outcome monitoring and optimization of models/business process with stakeholders
  • Minimize manual workflows with automation using suitable toolkits
  • Development of project roadmaps for multiple machine learning projects in multiple business areas
  • Provide support in prioritizing use cases and allocate resources and ensure the development of project roadmaps to ensure quality deliverables
  • Enabling new platforms and development of new processes for Data Scientists
  • Use agile practices (Kanban/Scrum) to manage projects
  • Work with business/support units to identify opportunities for leveraging organizations data to drive business
  • Perform data wrangling and extract exploratory insights from big data
  • Perform data visualizations, writes reports, and delivers presentations on actionable insights to internal stakeholders and senior management in ways that support the business,
  • Develop new concepts, carry out proof of concept demos for identified data-driven use cases
  • Diagnose problems using formal problem-solving tools and techniques from multiple angles and probes underlying issues to generate multiple solutions
  • Development of statistical & machine learning models (supervised/unsupervised) as POC & production-ready using open source (R/Python) technologies
  • Interpret model logics to product owners, determine and prescribe suitable actions, process changes in collaboration with end-users
  • Research on industry best practices and work with internal/external parties on RnD tasks
  • Prepare roadmaps and research on emerging technologies and participate & contribute to relevant events
  • Recommend and provide inputs on hardware and platforms used for AI & ML
  • Develop guidelines and checklists on best development practices
Entry Requirements :
  • Degree in Engineering / IT specializing in computer science/statistics
  • Understanding of machine learning techniques, algorithms, data visualization and communication
  • Hands-on experience in toolkits R/Python and could environment
  • Should have minimum of 6 years of experience in the data science domain

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