Job Vacancy for Software Engineer

Job Vacancy for Software Engineer

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Job Vacancy for Software Engineer


Category Software Engineer
Openings 10
Position Type Full time
Experience More than 1  Year
Education + 2 0r Batchelor  BBA,BBS
Posted Date 23 Feb 2021
Apply Before 28  March 2021
City Kathmandu 

Job Description

We are looking for an expert in Software engineering to help us extract value from our data. You will lead a project that requires the creation of models that will classify qualitative information such as text and creating and implementation of ML models and deploying them in production.

The ideal candidate should be passionate about artificial intelligence and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.



  • Understanding client requirements and developing models in line with the need of the project requirements.
  • Creating ML algorithms to classify texts in a scalable way.
  • Understanding the data and suggesting the best approach to verifying data quality, and/or ensuring data consistency.
  • Understanding the source of the data and suggesting ways to improve the data acquisition proces.


Fresher can apply but experience are encouraged to apply


Should have good communication, skill, smart, energetic. etc

So if you are interested then mail your biodata to


Contact us at 9827223396 

It is a very simple and easy process to apply so apply it now if you any confusion then comments to me I will reply to you within an hour.

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